Since 1991, I have tutored over one hundred fifty students: boys and girls, men and women, in subjects ranging from 4th grade math to graduate level accounting, finance, and calculus. However, my primary focus, comprising more than 75% of my students, has been 6th to 9th graders at the rigorous New York City private schools.

I grew up in Manhattan myself, attending St. Bernard's through 8th grade and then Trinity for high school. From there I earned a BA from Brown University and nine years later an MBA from Columbia University. I have been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures — both for-profit and not-for-profit — from co-founding a catering company, a real estate agency, and an adventure travel business, to grant-funding and managing a national coalition of hospitals dedicated to preventing childhood injuries.

Through all of these experiences I always found time to tutor students because I have a love of learning that has enabled me to succeed academically while truly enjoying myself at school. I also have a love of helping other students with their schoolwork, sharing in the energy that comes from wrapping your head around an idea and using it to gain insight, to write a paper, to answer a teacher's question, to do well on a test.

In essence, I have always been the person who would help explain a concept during or after class to a fellow student who hadn't quite got it. I suppose, then, that I have been tutoring since I was about ten years old, but I was first paid to do what I enjoy in high school. A friend's sister was struggling mightily with geometry, and her parents asked me to help her. It was my pleasure to do so, and she ended up actually liking the class instead of dreading it, and raising her grade from a low C to a B+ at the end of the year. As I have been ever since, I was glad to be a part of the joy that comes when frustration turns to comprehension, when failure turns to success.